Galvin Hop

  • Luxury gastro pub in London


Galvin HOP is a luxury gastro pub set next door to Galvin’s famous La Chappelle restaurant, offering Spitalfields diners a contemporary style of pub dining.

Previously known as Galvin’s Café A Vin, the Galvin brother’s decided to transform their existing restaurant into a ‘Pub Deluxe’ concept incorporating ideas of fresh craft beer and authentic gourmet pub cuisine.


The aim of our design brief was to appeal to a market of city workers and affluent shoppers; creating HOP as a place you can unwind with friends over a fine artisan beer or head to in a hurry for some gourmet style food on the go.

We captured Galvin’s grab and go concept by creating a bespoke kitchen area accompanied by a serving hatch that opens on to the street providing ‘time poor’ punters with a chance to sample Galvin’s latest speciality – the ‘Hotdog De Luxe.’ To compliment the offering, a stylish Maille mustard counter was designed and fitted with dedicated truffle mustard pumps.


Our designers also transformed both the restaurant front and bar areas to incorporate a pub luxe feel throughout. This included new timber tiling along with the installation of a series of low-lit beer tanks above the existing pewter bar, showcasing the unique offering of fresh Pilsner unpasteurised beer.

Awards: Square Mile Pub Awards 2017, Winner ‘Best Pub in London’