F&B Spaces: The Next Wave Part III

  • Evolving Lifestyle Environments


Consumers’ tastes are evolving faster than ever. Social media provides a constant flow of inspiration on the next new lifestyle trend whether it be food, beauty, fashion, home décor, holiday destination or drink of choice.

In the third instalment of our trend insight report, we look at how concepts are becoming more flexible to cater to consumers rapidly changing tastes.


Photo credit: QUEENMAMA Market, Seoul

Rebel Rebel Flowers at Mare Street Market, London

Part III: Evolving Lifestyle Environments

Catering for such rapidly changing tastes can be a real challenge for traditional static retail and F&B spaces; especially in light of the current era of the experience economy (people choosing to spend money on experiences rather than items) which has seen entrepreneurial, home-grown F&B concepts flourish.

Shopping Centre landlords are now focused on having around 80 percent permanent food concepts and 20 percent that can be regularly changed.*

The flexible food hall format poses huge opportunity to provide evolving experiences, taking inspiration from the social references from consumer trends and tastes. Creating destinations where people can access the best of culture within a city all under one roof.

*Source – JLL Real Views

Photo credit: Down Town Gourmet Market Eindhoven

Photo credit: Mare Street Market, London

Examples to Inspire - Mare Street Market, London: Trend led social hangout

Mare Street Market, East London combines lifestyle, retail, F&B and leisure in a neat solution. Featuring an accessible coffee bar and wine shop, moving further into the area flexible units provide retail opportunity alongside a podcast studio. Central to the main space is a bar sat alongside a beer and BBQ garden. Complementing this is a more formal dining area, dressed by Pure White Line’s pop-up retail display.

Photo credit: Neighbourhood Goods, Texas

Neighbourhood Goods, Texas: Curated store experience

A start-up redesigning the department store. Neighbourhood Goods is ever-evolving, home to a collection of different brands that behave more like pop-ups, continuously creating new experiences. The store also houses a restaurant, bar and communal space used for speaking events and art installations.

Photo credit: QUEENMAMA Market, Seoul

QUEENMAMA Market, Seoul: Lifestyle space

QUEENMAMA is a collection of carefully selected artisan products and feels more like browsing a beautiful flea market than a regular store. The founders see the brands featured as their collaborators and the space as a community platform. Spread over four floors the market includes a bookshop and a café.

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