Future Consumer Trends

  • What will influence trends and steer consumer choices

Future Consumer Trends

Understanding what will influence trends and steer consumer choices is essential in creating and developing a successful F&B concept.

In our latest trend update, we look at the major trends that are set to impact future consumer’s desires, shopping and engagement patterns with brands in 2019.

1. Snug spaces    
The requirement for more comfortable and flexible spaces is set to rise in 2019, engaging consumers to break through the ‘noise’ and make room for more intimate conversations.

2. Digital Shutdowns
The appeal of digital shutdowns is set to increase, as brands continue to test out bans on electronics and Wi-Fi in an effort to ignite real conversation between people.

3. The New Cynics
In 2019, we will see the arrival of the sceptical consumer who will examine every product/service on the market. This consumer group will value knowledge and go that extra mile to analyse every ingredient in a product. They will also transform the face of social engagement with their need for an actual ‘face to face’ conversation rather than an anonymous and corporate dialogue.

4. Diversion- less
The demand for fewer distractions will be a key requirement for consumers. This is due to the current pressure that people now feel to ‘do-it-all’ leaving them feeling overwhelmed and unfocused in their day-to-day lives. Technology will seamlessly adapt into this trend creating products that will be less distracting and more productive.

5. The Activism era
Last year was a very politically driven year and its implications will start to take effect in 2019 as consumers feel the urge more than ever before to fight for their beliefs and values.

We are watching closely how these trends will evolve and what direct impact they will have on the hospitality industry.

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