Hotel Insights | Part I

  • Sleep, Eat, Work, Discover and Socialise


The hospitality industry has been greatly disrupted in recent years by the introduction of new brands and service models; along with the integration of emerging technologies.

In the first part of our hotel trend insights, we look at the major trends that are relevant to the industry.  

44% of international travellers would prioritise accommodation with a focus on food, while 31% displayed interest in hotels that embrace experiential elements. *

1. Home Comforts

“Home is not simply where the heart is, but the mind, too.
John S Allen, Anthropologist and Author

Hoteliers continue to adapt their offer to suit consumer’s emotional and physical needs, which is applied to every aspect of the guest experience.

Focus on sleep enhancement, aswell as wellness services and holistic therapies is a key priority for hotels, ensuring that their guest’s have a restful nights sleep.


  The first Ikea Hotel recently launched in Sweden with the aim of creating a ‘feeling of home’ for its guests.  

Hyatt Hotels have tapped into consumers’ desires for a regular ‘Netflix binge’ and have enabled guests to link their own streaming accounts in the comfort of their rooms. 

2. Tomorrow's World

“Hotels will become entertainment experiences that we can only imagine today”. Dr. James Canton, Global Futurist

Capturing guest’s interests and desires with engaging and immersive experiences from themed suites to dedicated VR butlers.  

Digital technology will continue to be a key driver for hotels, as they adopt new hi-tech innovations to further personalise and enrich the guest experience.


The Star Hotel in Sydney blends immersive entertainment with luxury accommodation with their Sci-Fi themed gaming areas and on-hand tech butler. 

– The bedrooms at the Provocateur Hotel in Berlin have been specially designed to transport guests into a 1920’s Parisian fantasy with plush and seductive décor.   

3. Share The Moment

97% of guests will post their experiences on social media** 

If you didn’t Instagram your holiday, did it really happen?

A new generation of hotels are placing a greater importance on their guest’s social media presence by curating ‘moments’ and experiences that can instantly be captured. 


  Designed with the instagram generation in mind, the Henrietta Hotel in London transports guests into art deco paradise with insta-worthy interiors that encourage social engagement throughout the hotel space. 

The Conrad Resort in the Maldives provides guests with their own  “instagram butler” helping them to capture their perfect holiday pics.  

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Sources:* Barclay’s Survey 2017 ** Internet Marketing Inc

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