Hotel Insights | Part II

  • From check-in to check-out and everything in-between


Today’s consumer groups are becoming more varied, meaning that hoteliers are increasingly having to re-consider, strategise and plan to create blended spaces that meet and exceed the expectations of today’s demanding guests.

In the second part of our hotel insights, we look further into the trends that are creating noteworthy guest experiences from check- in to check-out and everything in-between.

Credit: Cup of Couple

Credit: The Ned Hotel. London

4. Retail Residences

Blurring the boundaries between hospitality and retail, as retailers enter the hotel space, providing a unique retail platform for guests.

New concepts have seamlessly blended F&B and retail experiences into hotel culture, creating multifunctional lifestyle spaces that attract consumers.

Credit: The Source in Denver by Brad Torchia


The Ned Hotel teamed up with e-commerce brand Net-a-Porter to offer guests an in room, luxury shopping experience.

– US Retailer West Elm aim to ‘evoke a similar feeling of walking into a West Elm store’ with their new boutique hotel concept. Providing the guest with the ability to purchase a majority of the furniture and products on display.

Credit: West Elm Hotels

Credit: Farang London

5. Community Conscious

Creating a sense of community and connectivity between operators and their guests.

F&B acts as one of the main drivers to attract travellers to destinations, hospitality brands are responding to this by creating opportunities to immerse guests into the local area.

Credit: Loews Hotels


The Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri in Rome allows guests to immerse themselves into Italian culture with private culinary tours of traditional food market and pizzariums.

Loews Hotel’s group have launched ‘Flavor by Loews Hotel’ a new initiative, which builds partnerships with local food and drink suppliers. The concept provides guests with a true taste of the locality from inside the hotel space.

Credit: The Culinary Travel Guide

Credit: No Destinations: The Lokal Hotel

Credit: The Wall Street Journal

6. Continental Convenience

43% of guests say room service is extremely important when selecting a hotel. Survey by Meeting Conventions 

Enhancing the room service offer to embrace on demand culture meeting with consumers’ desires and needs.

Food delivery service can strengthen the F&B proposition of hotels that have full service restaurants, allowing guests to have full access to on-demand dining options.


– The Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia has adopted the new concept of  ‘invisible’ service’, which allows guests to order food and amenities from their own dedicated in-room Ipad. Each Ipad is synced with many delivery apps offering a variety of convenient F&B options from within the area.   

The Line Hotel in LA delivers convenient take-out dishes to your room by renowned ramen chef Roy Choi.

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Credit: The Line Hotel by Rick Poon