DLSM Insights 2018

  • An overview of the latest trends for 2018

1. Intuitive Eating
Wellness is adapting to self-acceptance; becoming more mainstream with a leaning towards positive eating. Creating a balance in ones diet that focuses on the wider heath of oneself both emotionally and physically.

2. Insta Eats
The ‘foodstagram’ trend continues to capture and inspire consumers, as the visual becomes just as important as the taste.  (30% of 18-35 yr olds would avoid a restaurant if it had a weak Instagram presence. Source: Zizzi).

3. Strength in Tradition
Artisan, craft and honesty in provenance of the food and process. A rise in the ‘fake society’ leads to a desire for a sincere narrative from F&B brands and operators.

4. Flexi Space
A greater need to flex the design. A space that works hard:
– Transitioning and transforming from day into evening
– Responsive to consumer’s emotional/social needs

5. Multi-sensory environment
“Off the plate” plays a pivotal role, influencing taste and olfactory perceptions; creating an all encompassing experience.

6. Technology
Social technology and VR continue to infuse into F&B, informing interiors, operations and menu development.

7. Fear of Missing out (FOMO)
‘Newness hunters’ satiate their curiosity and desire to share by continuing to seek out the new F&B concepts and immersive experiences.

8. Waste Not
We become less tolerant of food waste. Innovative methods and recipes to make the most of the ingredient and reduce the environmental impact.

9. Emotional Resonance
Placing an importance on building an emotional and physical connection with a space or product – forging an authentic relationship that builds loyalty.

Images: Milk Train London, Bompas & Parr Food Film Festival , Drop of Mindfulness Mister Jui’s Bon Appetit