The story of Felix Warley

  • Transforming a tired Essex pub into a dining destination

Our Associate Designer, Sally Williams talks about the design journey which we undertook to create the premium dining destination that is Felix Warley.

“In 2018, we again had the pleasure of working with Stephen Li and Cliff Fox on their second Felix venture, this time in Warley Essex; a significantly bigger project in both scale and ambition.

Originally, a tired old brick and tile Essex pub, this building has been unrecognisably transformed by the DesignLSM team internally and externally. Felix Warley has been one of our most exciting UK projects to date.”

“The entrance to the restaurant has been relocated into a new, double height glazed atrium and the building’s exterior has been enveloped in traditional black shiplap cladding. The first floor roof has been punctuated by three new windows the result is sleek and sultry. 

A sculptural helical stair crowned with a beautiful chandelier of knitted wire orbs, takes the customer to the first floor where breakfast and brunch is served in the daytime. Light from the new windows floods through, illuminating the enormous copper clad oval bar and gantry. Customers will find this dressed with Felix made pastries and other breakfast delights.”

“Dining is experienced on the ground floor amongst a gentle palette of marine green, blues and stunning textures, the dark ceiling is clad with playful waved fins that alter the customers perception as their journey unfolds. Brass nets drop through the waves to enclose three round booth seats. 

In the evening this space is transformed with moody lighting into a sumptuous relaxed bar offering speciality spirits, Sake and cocktails; these coupled with the ‘dusk sky’ ceiling, rich materials and beautiful art installations make for an intoxicating Felix experience.”

“We would really like to thank the Felix team for the
opportunity to work with them on this very special project and the Blue Crow team for executing the design with such precision and passion. What a journey…”