The Market, 22 Bishopsgate

  • The UK’s First Wellbeing Building


DesignLSM were commissioned to implement the interior design for The Market’s food and dining areas on Level 2 at 22 Bishopsgate, in London, working in collaboration with Amy Morris from The Morris Project NYC.

Designed to put user experience and human interaction at its core, 22 Bishopsgate is the first major London building to embody the structural and cultural shifts in how people work and live. It is also the first building in the UK to apply for the WELL Building Standard providing a healthier environment to work and reside in.

The space within the project is home to a restaurant, a food market comprising of four kiosks, an external terrace, a culture space and a ‘Speakeasy’.

Pioneering several new design environments, an elegant and stylish dining experience has been created that both embraces the past and looks to the future.

Design Inspiration

A timeless and highly polished aesthetic for the space was created, drawing inspiration from the crafted ethos of the London guilds.

London once had close to 90 guilds, mostly in the inner city. Their purpose was to provide welfare to their members and a place to gather and share ideas.

The design for 22 Bishopsgate seeks to emulate their noble objectives; encouraging the development of community while supporting collaboration, well-being and discovery. With a natural colour palette interspersed with subtle brown hues with the muted tones referencing the Heraldic emblems of the guilds, coupled with the use of natural materials, soft natural plaster and oak arches communicate a sense of balance and harmony, allowing guests to come together for shared experiences.

Design Results

“We are thrilled to be a part of this monumental and exciting development of 22 Bishopsgate. Our collaborative design delivers a highly polished and thoughtful aesthetic capturing the spirit of a modern-day guild. Creating a true ‘sense of place’ where the 22 Bishopsgate community can unwind, dine, relax and socialise.”
Karen Taylor, Lead Designer

Effortlessly encapsulating a future-thinking work/life balance, 22 Bishopsgate is a remarkable feat of both physical and social engineering, with DesignLSM’s industry-leading interior design matching the building’s ambition.

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(Image Credit: Andrew Meredith)