Cast Iron Bar and Grill

  • Steak and grill restaurant chain for Marriott UK


We were approached by the Marriott UK marketing team to create brand identities for three new concepts as part of a new Food and beverage initiative. The core objectives of the project were to change the perception of the hotels restaurants and bars, and provide guests with a unique dining experience.

Cast Iron Bar & Grill is a contemporary steak and grill restaurant located in 22 of The Marriott UK hotels. The concept has changed the way guests dine and the success of the brand has led to 5.5% increase in profit margins year on year.


We worked closely with the Marriott marketing team to determine the brands personality which was to be distinctly British, confident, comforting and familiar.

We created the name as a reference to a cast iron kitchenware and the icon is based on a cast iron kitchen weight. Bold typefaces with uncomplicated layouts are combined with raw finishes and a minimal colour palette to evoke an experience that was surrounded in culinary tradition.

A roundel stamp was used on the menu to highlight food provenance and promote Cast Iron’s range of hand picked independent and sustainable suppliers.