Farzi Cafe

  • Modern Spice Bistro


Founded by renowned Indian restaurateur and Masterchef judge Zorowar Kalra, Farzi Café playfully re-invents and revolutionises peoples’ perception of Indian cuisine with a unique modernist approach. The concept immerses diners into a sensory world of newfound flavours and culinary techniques that deliver the ultimate gastronomic experience.

We worked closely with Zorowar and his team at Massive Restaurant to help bring the established concept to the UK market. Working on every design aspect of the scheme from the strategical positioning to the interior design and brand implementation.


The interior narrative focuses on the ‘Farzification’ of the space; coining the term for the playful, inventive and energetic persona of the brand. 

Elements of texture, pattern and movement are communicated throughout the scheme with particular highlights including a statement wooden block wall designed with individually lit bricks that create a playful ‘optical backdrop’.

The main restaurant/bar area has been designed with an angled brass and fumed oak ceiling raft. The Open Kitchen pass – the ‘culinary heart’ of the space – is emphasised by an atmospheric salt brick wall.

Social seating booths, upholstered in luxurious velvet, are highlighted by the back lit curved walls and complimented by warm pendant lighting – providing a relaxed and comfortable ambience for guests to sample Farzi’s culinary creations.



The imposing bar dominates the space with its beautifully lit panels and high brass gantry setting the stage for Farzi’s speciality astrology-inspired cocktail menu curated by bar manager Din Jusufi. We acted as brand guardians on the design and implementation of the beverage concept working alongside Dare Hospitality to develop ‘The Vedika Menu.’

For a more refined and formal dining experience, guests can book at the ‘The Chef’s Table.’ This private dining area features a palette of deep greens and gilded walls accompanied by decorative lighting and intimate drapes creating a sense of luxe and elegance perfect for a corporate or celebratory meal.

The resulting design scheme adopts a modern and highly polished aesthetic with subtle illusions that reflect Farzi’s unique culinary style, creating an exciting, visual and immersive environment for guests.