Fountain Views – Dubai Mall Extension

  • Innovative new Food Hall in The Dubai Mall extension


Emaar approached us to conceive the strategical positioning and design concept for the Food and Beverage offering within the new extension to the Dubai Mall – Fountain Views.

Our brief was to create a world-leading, future thinking ‘destination’ Food Hall that harmoniously integrates leisure, retail and food and creates one new community.

It was paramount that this concept delivered a unique experience to the F&B Dubai landscape – creating an environment that exuded food theatre, tactile interactions, culinary ethnicity and social affiliation.


We undertook a strategic reconnaissance visit to conduct a market assessment. The study included detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis, reviewing areas such as:

  • Market place
  • Competitive landscape
  • Consumer requirements
  • Day parts
  • F&B trends
  • Future demands/desires


This analysis informed our creation of the strategic positioning, which was instrumental in the formation of the master plan and subsequent interior design concepts.

Our strategy team continued to work collaboratively with the designers for the duration of the project, ensuring that the compelling positioning was brought to life through the engaging interior design – creating a truly unique retail and culinary experience.