Galvin Dubai

  • Luxury restaurant and VIP lounge


Located close to the highly acclaimed Demoiselle by Galvin in Dubai’s City Walk II, Galvin Dubai is the second international venture from Michelin-starred chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin.

The concept draws inspiration from Galvin’s Mediterranean-inspired menu, which fuses high-quality French cuisine with rustic ‘flavours from the sun.’



The ground floor restaurant provides a sophisticated dining environment with a unique blend of luxurious velvet banquettes, upholstered dining chairs and social bar seating.

A rich palette of greens, gold’s and dark browns inject a traditional and elegant tone into the space while exotic planting and marble finishes brings in a more contemporary feel. Scattered across the geometric ceiling is a stunning array of pendant lights helping to highlight the beautiful bespoke brass finishes that are featured throughout the restaurant.

A prominent feature is the open kitchen pass set next to an impressive crustacean counter, which allows diners to experience a glorious sense of culinary theatre.


Bespoke gilded wall coverings adorned with vintage photographs and antique mirrors feature throughout the corridor that guides diners upstairs to the second floor lounge.

In contrast, the upstairs space is designed to be a lively and vibrant lounge environment complete with an exclusive VIP area and private outdoor terrace offering views across City Walk II. A striking central bar with angled geometric, brushed brass cladded panels combined with warm tones of lighting – illuminates the space, creating an inviting and social ambience for guests.

The overall scheme conveys an opulent, stylish design aesthetic with signature touches that allude to Galvin’s authentic French character.