• Harmonising the Clash of Two Cultures


Situated in the heart of London’s Islington, Jiji Restaurant is a new concept that is inspired by a fusion of two international cuisines; Asian and Middle-Eastern.

Curating the aesthetic DNA of the brand, our design worked to reflect and harmonise the clash of cultures, to create a dynamic and welcoming space that plays with the guests’ senses, delivering a standout culinary experience.

With a real personal connection to the owners, their refreshing and unique personality was translated not only in the interiors but in the innovative food on the menu too.

Design Details

With a focus on designing an informal, highly sociable setting, theatrical elements were incorporated to reflect the dynamism of the twinned cultures.

Home to three large custom artworks that were curated by DesignLSM, the 3-dimensional stylised portraits introduce energy and personality into the space whilst also paying homage to Tel Aviv’s electric nightlife scene. Working in synergy with the artwork, bespoke pink hued oversized pendents help to frame the sumptuous booth seating, creating striking moments within the restaurant.

The restaurant features several other bespoke items, such as a blue hued custom geometric floor tiles, the curved shelving which echoes the symmetry of the brand name and the intricately detailed wooden bar front with its patterned relief of circles interspersed with the iconic Jiji logo.

Design Results

“It’s been a very exciting project to work on from a design perspective, even more so as it has been such a personal to the owners – developing a brand new concept born from their passions. We’ve worked closely with our client over the year to create and develop their vision, resulting in the delivery of a stunning restaurant that’s set to be one of the capitals’ more important openings of the year.”

Tom Munson, Senior Designer, DesignLSM

With every element of the design carefully thought out and perfectly executed, Jiji is set to become one of the capital’s most important new openings of 2021.