Market Kitchen

  • Restaurant chain for Marriott UK


We were approached by the Marriott UK team to help them brand three new concepts as part of a new F&B initiative. The core objectives of the project were to change perceptions of hotel restaurants and bars, and re-ignite a passion for F&B in their UK based Marriott properties.

One of these concepts was “Market Kitchen”, a casual and authentic restaurant offer. The menu consisted of seasonal and fresh items with multiple dishes to intrigue customers. It was our brief to make sure that the brand identity was educational, authentic, natural and alternative.


Our approach was to centre the identity on the seasonal ingredients and the varied menu on offer. For the logo we took inspiration from market hall signage, using a cross-hatch pattern shadow to give it authenticity. This cross-hatch pattern was then used across the collateral, combined with vibrant colour overlays of green, beetroot and mustard.

For the supporting typography we chose Clarendon, a classic slab-serif typeface which also supports the authentic nature of the brand.


The main feature of this identity are the vibrant ingredient illustrations which we have used across all of the collateral. For this project we sourced and created a huge library of illustrations, each of which has relevance to the menu.

Having such a huge library of illustrations provides us and the Marriott team with the opportunity to create seasonal marketing materials, whilst also using them as wall artwork in the actual restaurants.