The Alchemist

  • A theatrical and immersive all-day drinking and dining destination


Founded in 2010, The Alchemist – which now has 20 venues across the country – sets itself apart from the modern-day restaurant and bar. Providing a theatrical and immersive all-day drinking and dining destination, the original site of the brand – located in Spinningfields, Manchester – required a refurbishment to achieve greater operational efficiencies as well as an update to the aesthetic to create an engaging guest experience.

Completing the project within a rapid one-month programme, a fascinating concept was delivered in line with The Alchemist’s new direction – drawing inspiration from the origins of the universe.

Design Narrative

Taking a strategic approach to understanding the core DNA of the brand, the new design is influenced by the search for the elixir of life and humanity’s continual fascination with our own origins and the subsequent exploration of the universe.

Playing upon astronomical dynamism, the bar – now a striking focal point – accentuates the relationship between light and the creation of form. Carefully curated bespoke cosmic inspired lighting enhances the changing ambience of the day, creating dramatic focal points – from sculptural statements in the day to luminous masterpieces at night.

The array of furniture, from space blue banquettes and planet-like stools, to the grand table made bespoke for mixology classes, all play a role in communicating the narrative, providing evocative and luxurious style to the space.

Design Outcome

A lucid identity runs throughout the main spaces – the bar and main dining area, as well as an intimate private dining area, improving fluidity of movement between the whole venue whilst also creating engaging zones.

Building upon the very essence of what The Alchemist represents – a brand that is renowned for its ingenious menu and theatrical food and drink displays, DesignLSM’s innovative and captivating design narrative has invigorated the space of one of Manchester’s most renowned drinking hot spots.